Sara Galassini is an Interdisciplinary artist that expresses herself through

Dance, Theater, Voice, Songwriting, Poetry, and  the Visual Arts 



Sara Galassini is an Italian interdisciplinary artist and performer, singer songwriter and community project facilitator. She holds a BA in Applied Theater and she has been working in NYC for 20 years. 


Together with award-winning musician and composer Yukio Tsuji she is the co-founder of the Sara Galas Band. The two have created four interdisciplinary theater performances: Waves of all times, Origin: a Performance Art Concert, Unmeasurable Picture, REFLECT-I-ON, and Pros-Her-Pere, their latest interdisciplinary work inspired by the Myth of Persephone and Demeter .

Most recently, Sara and award winning performer Sophie Bortolussi have co-created the dance-theater production One-in-Themselves for at La MaMa 55th Season.

Galassini is a member of The Great Jones Repertory Company and of Magis Theater Company, and she works as a facilitator and team member of The Trojan Women Project of La MaMa ETC.

Galassini has performed in the acclaimed production of Trojan Women originally directed by Andrei Serban and Elizabeth Swados in 1974, and in numerous productions directed by the late Ellen Stewart: The Monk and The Hangman’s Daughter, Seven, Romeo and Juliet, Seven against Thebes, Herakles Via Phaedra, Mythos Oedipus, Dionysus Filius Dei, Fragments of Seven, Great Jones Variations.

Other Credits include: Fuck/Love The Poetics of Adoration by Kelly Bartnik; En Masse by Palissimo Dance Company; The Angels of Swedenborg by Ping Chong & Co. La MaMa; Japan Earthquake & Hurricane Sandy Benefit, Carnegie Hall; 9 Windows, Open Door, Room to Panic, and In Retrospect by Loco 7 Dance Pupper Co., La MaMa, London, Italy; Narcissus by Elizabeth Swados, La MaMa, When clowns play Hamlet directed by Ozzie Rodriguez, La MaMa; Don’t look into the camera directed by Aktina Stathaki; Hoplite Diary by Tom Lee; Theatricale by Urban Research Theater; Love Story, Palestine by Yoshiko Chuma; Si Seulement Si by Nu Dance Theater; Expiration Date by Abla Khoury.




Sara Galassini is a Sound Healing Practitioner certified by the New York Open Center Sound and Music Institute.

As a certified vibrational therapist, Sara has been using the practice of sound as an alternative healing therapy and meditation method since 2016, Sara has been using the practice of sound as an alternative healing therapy and meditation method, offering her services to cancer patients, people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression o restore and nurture a state of quiet, harmony and happiness.


Her deep believing that meditation and sound can help change one's own life by encouraging harmony in all aspects of life, Sara uses the power of sound to promote conscious awareness of self, and to restore and cultivate a state of peace, happiness and well-being. 


The Healing Power of Sound


Sound is universally used as a gateway to meditation and religious ceremony. It shapes our reality and transforms the way we feel. Hearing is the first sense developed in utero and the last sense we lose. Listening is hard wired to many different layers of the brain. Sound can be a powerful alternative medicine, helping to unify our body, mind and spirit and promoting healing. Sound, applied correctly, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system inviting a deep state of relaxation. Sound brings us back to the present, helping to make the incomprehensible comprehensible, serving as our roadmap to personal well being. 


The harmonics of the metals of the Tibetan bells, of the gongs, combined with the wood of the kalimba, and the Japanese flute, with the ocean drum, the voice, the terracotta of the udu percussion are some of the sounds that I use in my sound journeys as a bridge for self awareness and self discovery, as well as to promote harmony of body, mind and spirit.




Up Coming Sound Healing Events:

SONICSHANTI Weekly Wellness- Online Sound Retreat

Every Monday 6,30-7,30pm ET

Join SonicShanti for one hour of self reflection & deep healing through sound, breath and visualization

Raise your vibration and allow positive change in your life through conscious and inspired action.

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Past Sound Healing events:


Bagno Sonoro Polistrumentale online

18 Dicembre 2020 @ 18.30pm Italian Time / 12:30pm NYC Time

Info e Prenotazioni:

Facebook Event:

The Creative Center
Sound Exploration and Instrument Creation

Friday February 7th, 2020. Time:10-3pm

Class Location: Speyer Hall, Second floor, 184 Eldridge Street

Sold Out Event

Shalva Clinic
The Healing Power of Sound

March 4th, 2020. Time: 6-8pm

8 Lincoln Street, Westport CT 06880

p: 203-916-4600

Yale School of Medicine-Yale Cancer Center

SonicShanti Sound Bath & Webinar


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